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Embed The Docs will be shut down on 30 September.

As Pronovix – the company behind WalkHub and Embed The Docs – will not develop WalkHub further, and the Embed The Docs service works through WalkHub servers, we can’t maintain these services after the end of September.
Pronovix has fundamentally changed its portfolio the last two years. We are currently specializing in creating developer portals and would like to refocus our resources. This is the reason behind our decision.

If you have any further questions, contact us on info@walkhub.com.

It was a pleasure to help all of you to create walkthroughs and embed documents. Thank you for all the support that WalkHub and Embed The Docs got during the past years.


EmbedHelp is a Javascript widget that makes it really easy to embed any kind of online help resource into a webpage or web application.
This is an open source Drupal site that can be used to curate and manage the content that gets embedded into a web application.

You can see a live example in the right bottom corner of your screen.

As you can see the widget contains a number of resources:

  • there are links to web pages (with the link icon)
  • links that will start a Walkthrough (the green play icon)
  • a special icon for video resources (red icon for Youtube movies)

Use it: how to make a widget?

create: register/log in, create help widget, add content via form, save and test; embed: copy js embedcode, embed in your app, your widget is live; iterate: edit widget's content anytime

Data flow: how does it work?

widget created: drupal saves widget form, drupal transforms content into json, every json outpur receives unique url, url is accessible to anyone; code embedded: js code connect with walkhub server, walkhub server receives json output via its url, walkhub server builds widget content from json output; content iterated: widget's content mirrors any changes made in the form